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Buying a Motorcycle from the United States

Have you bought a motorcycle on EBay or privately in the United States and do not know what to do next? There are 3 important rules when it comes to shipping a motorcycle from the United States.

Rule 1:     The shipper must provide a certificate of title as proof of ownership before goods can be exported. This title must be in hard copy form. Without this document US Customs authorities will not approve the shipment for export. If the motorcycle is for salvage it must have a Salvage Title before its export will be approved.

Rule 2:     The bike must be shipped in a crate. Ideally the crate should be made from ISPM15 treated timber which verifys it has already been treated to eliminate the threat of insects and disease. If the bike requires packing in a crate we can arrange this to be done on your behalf at our depots. If the vehicle has already been packed by the supplier but not with the approved ISPM15 material we can arrange fumigation at our depots upon its arrival in Australia.

Rule 3:     The bike must be drained of fuel, have the battery disconnected and be spotlessly clean for the Quarantine inspection upon arrival. If Quarantine deem that the vehicle is not clean we will arrange for it to be cleaned to the required standard but additional steam cleaning fees and transport charges will apply. The AQIS requirement is that no soil is present on any part of the bike or its tyres and that the engine and oil filter must also be free of dust and soil.

Rule 4:     Prior to shipping your vehicle to Australia you must obtain an import permit from the Dept of Road Transport in Canberra. Please understand that it is illegal to import a vehicle before the approval has been granted. We can assist in the application process and fully understand the procedures involved. For more information on importing a vehicle into Australia please refer to the tab below.

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