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All you need to know about Shipping

Import Permits

Any motorcycle being imported into Australia for the first time requires an import permit from the Department of Road Transport in Canberra. It is an offence to import a vehicle prior to having an import approval granted and will result in the bike being held by Customs until the permit is granted with storage charges accruing at your expense.

An Import Permit is not required for the temporary importation of bikes which will be exported out of Australia within a 12 month period from arrival. In these circumstances the vehicle gains entry into Australia via a carnet, which is basically a passport for the vehicle with a monetary guarantee attached.

Obtaining an import permit for a motorcycle manufactured before 1989 is straight forward. Vehicles manufactured after 1989 require more detailed information which will include obtaining a compliance certificate. Bikes Abroad will be able to assist you with the necessary documentation as required.

For more information on vehicle import requirements please go to the following link:

Preparing a Motorcycle for Export

It is important to note that international shipping regulations state that all motorcycle exports are classed as dangerous goods because of the flammable nature of the petrol tank and battery. It is therefore required that the tank is drained of petrol (1 litre of fuel is acceptable), the battery be disconnected and the leads taped to comply with international shipping and airfreight regulations

Customs Clearance of Motorcycles

Motorcycles can be imported without any duty being applicable but they will attract 10% GST. The GST is payable upon import on the CIF value of the shipment which means the total value of the motorcycle plus the overseas freight plus any insurance.

Motorcycles imported under a carnet and that are destined to leave Australia within a 12 month period are exempt and do not attract any duty or GST.

Quarantine Clearance of Motorcycles

As Australia is an isolated country it fortunately does not have many of the diseases and pests that are present in other parts of the world. To prevent these diseases and pests entering Australia we have very strict quarantine regulations to protect our borders and agricultural industries. Motorcycles are considered a high risk threat to the environment and therefore require a mandatory inspection upon arrival into Australia to ensure that no soil, pests or foreign matter are found on any part of the vehicle. It is essential that your motorcycle is spotlessly clean before being packed into a crate or container for export to Australia and this means no soil/dirt/dust/bugs/pests are on any part of the motorcycle including the tyres, engine and chassis.

The crating in which the motorcycle is packed can also be of concern as the wood can carry insects and pests. It is therefore highly recommended to use ISPM15 pallets when shipping motorcycles as these have been treated and are internationally recognised by Quarantine as being acceptable for the carriage of cargo. Alternatively metal pallets or collapsible metal frames can also be used and are an acceptable form of packing in general. Bikes Abroad recommend using wooden crates with wooden panels on all sides to protect the bike from any other cargo that may move in transit. More information on the Quarantine requirements for motorcycles can be found at the following link:

Marine Insurance

We are able to arrange Marine Insurance from port to port or door to door. The cost of a minimum premium starts around $350 AUD. Bikes Abroad can assist you in arranging marine insurance at competitive prices and highly recommends that our customers take advantage of this service.

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